New CITYMAKERS-Dialogue Series: Berlin Salons, Walks and Regional Network Events

Taking into account a growing number of creative people moving from China to Berlin, we see a space for CITYMAKERS to act as a Sino-European dialogue-maker “just in front of our door”. In the year ahead we will focus on further cultivating this space in Berlin: We will host a regular CITYMAKERS-Salon (every 1-2 month) as well as a series of explorative CITYMAKERS-Walk, and facilitate thematic exchange related to the future of liveable cities as much as connect people in an informal setting.

For activities in other cities beyond Berlin we focus on pro-active initiative and suggestions by local CITYMAKERS-friends and partners and are happy to offer support through the CITYMAKERS-platform.

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“China an seinen Grenzen—Erkundungen am Rand eines Weltreichs”

Salon-Abend mit den Robert Bosch-Grenzgängern Matthias Messmer und Hsin-Mei Chuang

10.1.2019, 18:00 – 21:00

18:00 – Willkommens-Tee, Registrierung

18:30 Uhr Begrüßung & Beginn Format: Moderiertes Gespräch, visuelle Inspirationen zum Projekt, Dialog mit den Autor*innen und mit den Teilnehmer*innen

Moderation: Katja Hellkötter
Anmeldung: Jan Siefke, Mit-Gastgeber C*SPACE,

@C*SPACE Berlin, Langhansstraße 86, 1. Stock, 13086 Berlin

(TRAM 13 oder 12, Gustav-Adolf-Straße/Langhansstraße. Oder M2: Ostsee- straße/ Prenzlauer Allee)

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Please note, the event will be in German.

We will continue to cultivate dialogue on alternative and future urban design in the Sino-European context. Above all, we design informal dialog rooms in which thematical and creative as well much as human encounters beyond borders become possible. With 8 CITYMAKERS-Salons and 5 explorative CITYMAKERS-Walks in Berlin the pipe-line until autumn 2020 plus a first regional salon, the CITYMAKERS-Ruhr Network Event  in November in Essen we want to address the Chinese-international community in Europe.

The CONSTELLATIONS studio in Berlin – C*SPACE – is a place for regular meetings of the Chinese-international community interested in sustainability topics. The CITYMAKERS-Berlin Salons take place every 1-2 months and is a place for informal exchange, peer learning and testing of project ideas as well as for making new connections.

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