Kika Yang 楊

Location Berlin

Editor / Architect

Kika Yang

Kika Yang came to know the CITYMAKERS platform through scholars at Sichuan University where she was invited as a guest-lecturer in December 2018. With her background in architecture, active at the time in the bridge between Germany and China with the planning of a large scale eco-farm project, it was quite a natural process for her to get closer and intensify the cooperation with the CITYMAKERS.

Born in 1981 in Sao Paulo, daughter of a Sichuanese, blended with Austrian, Sicilian and Catalan blood, Kika is a ‘wahlberlinerin’ since 2012, where she achieved  the artistic master ‚Space Strategies‘ at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee.

In recent years, Kika has been taking advantage of her almost 20 years experience in the fields of design, scenography, cultural heritage, real estate, branding, events and film production to create her own artistic interpretations, as well as contributing to enhance dialog and learning opportunities.

As a member of the Media Spaces team at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin, her focus has been to establish partnerships which could bring academy and practice closer together. Still curious?

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