Pop-Up Teahouse Berlin Summer 2021

Published August 2021
Location C-SPACE

By tapping the ‘power’ of drinking tea together, we will co-create a space for the Asian/Berlin community and anyone else interested and curious in a deeper understanding between cultures, and in East-West encounters. With a traditional tea house in mind to inspire us, we imagine a contemporary creative interpretation catching the “Zeitgeist” of the year 2021: as much as the Teahouse will be an informal space to just rest and relax, it is – at the same time – a social space to rethink and discuss ideas.

In our TEAHOUSE TALKS series we invite personalities from various disciplines and walks of life to talk with us about questions that matter, to them, as individuals, to us, as a larger society: How do migration and globalization affect our lives? How can we create sustainable living space? How can we react to climate change? How does racism concern us? What is a good life?
As a creative space, the Teahouse also offers opportunities to experience hands-on making: In ART WORKSHOPS professionals will teach cultural techniques ranging from font calligraphy and typography to installations, creating consciousness on materials and reusage.
For those wanting to know more about tea as such, you can join TEA LEARNING SESSIONS conducted by experts from independent tea labels who will broaden your tea knowledge.
The day in our Pop-Up Teahouse ends with evening PERFORMANCES ranging from music, dance, theatre to film screenings.

A day in the Pop-Up Teahouse
ART WORKSHOPS (indoors/outdoors): 10:30 am–1:30 pm
TEA TIME Hangouts (outdoors): 2–6 pm
TEA LEARNING SESSIONS (indoors):3–6:30 pm
TEA TALKS (outdoors) :4–5:30 pm
PERFORMANCES (outdoors):7–9 pm


August 7

WORKSHOP: Introduction to  Chinese Calligraphy in theory and practice, learning about the traditional cultural techniques, art history and context with Andreas Schmid, artist, lecturer for Chinese Calligraphy and contemporary art in China at HfBK Dresden.


TEA TALK: With Adam Langer, founder of Agency &,  artistic director of “Krakatoa” and “Common Space: Everything is Flow”; Carmen Herold, Berlin/Beijing, curator and cultural theorist, Co-Founder of Music Club and Culture Space Zhao Dai 招待所,  Andreas Schmid, artist, co-initiator and curator  of “China Avantgarde”, 1993 (HKW Berlin)


“Mouth Wide Open/Shut”

“Are You What You Eat?”  –  Screening of short films and talk on foodism & identity with  Popo Fan, Beijing Berlin-based queer Filmmaker and activist https://fb.me/e/2vkurkeWL

“What words come into your mind when you think of 2020-2021?” Theatre play “Schattenspiel” on alienation & languages by  Dora Cheng, playwright and theatre artist from Nanjing https://fb.me/e/2vkurkeWL

With opening music by Ditty, Indian singer-songwriter and urban ecologist, currently on tour “Make Forest Not War”  https://fb.me/e/1GSNUl8eo 

TEA LEARNING SESSION: With Kwok Ying von Beuningen, founder of  “Die Kunst des Teeshttps://fb.me/e/17CYvLjPr

August 14

WORKSHOP I: Creating a Mini-Book with Chinese characters with Yimeng Wu, cross-cultural designer & award-winning book illustrator, Studio Wu 無 Berlin https://fb.me/e/2B598lFgn

WORKSHOP II:  Art Installation. Building wooden-cloth sculpture  with Elan Zeng, architect  and  Zhang Qian, sculptor, founders of spontaneous art and design group “Forest Studio” in Beijing. https://fb.me/e/18rl2d3KG

TEA TALK: With Oliver Radtke, author, sinologist; and Dr. Jing Bartz, Hamburg/Beijing/Berlin, publishing and literature expert, translator, columnist of Caixin Weekly: Reflecting on Sino-European dialogue, on what inspires us, on what worries us, on why it matters.

PERFORMANCE:  Open Air Screening of Documentary Film  “Let The Wind Carry Me (2009)” by  Chiang Hsiu-chiung and Kwan Pung-leung in cooperation with Taiwan Film Festival (88 minutes) https://fb.me/e/PfxJkPrA

With opening music by BB Deng  https://fb.me/e/14b7idhY4 

TEA LEARNING SESSION: “Where the clouds are nutrients” – Sichuan Tea Regions in China & High Mountain Tea Tasting with Cordula Paeetzel, Sinologist, filmmaker, founder of  BEIMAKE https://fb.me/e/5xtzht8VX

August 21

ART WORKSHOP : Learning hand-lettering/typography of multilanguage and experimenting with different writing tools with Roman Wilhelm, transcultural communication and type designer https://fb.me/e/2t3gqF38V

TEA TALK: “Connect and Disconnect: The New Normal? How to navigate living far Away from home in times of COVID? How to define belonging?” – Teahouse Talk discussions with students and KAS Alumni: Pisen Sou, Cambodian master student in Global Communication at the University of Erfurt, Sourina Bej is a doctoral candidate in the Department of South Asian studies at the University of Bonn; Deepica Sachdeva is currently pursuing a master’s degree in international management at Hochschule Fulda, Germany.

PERFORMANCE: Improvisational dance performance by Tian Gao, contemporary dancer, Wuhan/ Berlin , frequent dancer at Sasha Waltz & Guests, music by Italian sound artist Giorgio de Santis. Facebook Link: https://fb.me/e/ZzSb3yPB. Preview Video: https://www.facebook.com/100011292877986/videos/1181130852388481/ https://fb.me/e/34C7Q98S6

TEA LEARNING SESSION:  With Claudia Priemer, representing Xian Tea – “Tea is the Answer” https://fb.me/e/WZknWv7F

SPECIAL WORKSHOP: Making TangYuan/Mochi (rice balls) with Hong Mai Dang,  German Vietnamese tea enthusiast, pottery artist and confiserie apprentice at Café Vienna https://fb.me/e/QwDGGo5N

September 11

WORKSHOP : Re-thinking, re-using materials from our daily life in a playful and creative way  with Rubing Zhang, designer, co-founder of Zhijian Workshop, designer, German Chancellor Fellow Alumna. https://fb.me/e/1a4phbLaT

WORKSHOP: Learning about contemporary clothing upcycling & reassembly with Berlin based design brand Schmidttakahashi https://fb.me/e/2iDveWonj

TEA TALK : With Li Zhen Hua, artist, curator, former chef, Berlin/Zuerich and Silvan Hagenbrock, editor of Yi magazine, urbanist, filmmaker – Who wants to join a talk on food, art, climate change, ethics, and living in between cultures?

PERFORMANCE:  Live Painting Music Performance: a cross-cultural dialogue between art and music, with  Lavia Lin, Berlin Shanghai artist painting to the music of Israeli jazz guitarist Tal Arditi  https://fb.me/e/5rw7vIZvo

TEA LEARNING SESSION: Tea with Gabriele Messina,  founder of  Nannuoshan  https://fb.me/e/1pNhnLehX

SPECIAL WORKSHOP: Experience Koji – The Funk of Asian Fermentation with Amir Steklov https://fb.me/e/2rsMILbSo 

September 18

WORKSHOP: Learning about Kintsugi- upcycling of broken porcelain -and the history of learning about of Urushi inc. hands on-experience with Satoko Toyoda, founder of studio Kintsugiberlin  https://fb.me/e/j9mO8idtd

TEA TALK : Program in the making. Do you have a topic to share in this context? Get in touch!

PERFORMANCE: Kai Gong & friends,“Live Philosophy”, Beijing-Berlin singer-songwriter Kai is a versatile musician and lyricist whose main influences are hip hop, folk and jazz https://fb.me/e/6KW1D5Aju

TEA LEARNING SESSION:  Japanese tea experience with Yumi Tanabe, Japanese Tea Good Will Ambassador to Germany. https://fb.me/e/4zTEfuFbs

October 9

WORKSHOP: Indigo Dyeing & Coloring. Learning about indigo colour and the traditional Japanese dying technique, Shibori with Ayumi Yamamoto, artist, founder of “Indigo Werkstatt Berlin” https://fb.me/e/12dmQl5RT

TEA TALKS:  Tea & entrepreneurship, tbd

PERFORMANCE: Open stage, surprise performances + Jam Session

TEA LEARNING SESSION: With Oliver Seifert, KOS-TEA “Make Tea Not War


Free Entry from 2 pm to 6 pm including TEA TIME HANGOUTS and TEA TALKS
Cultural evening PERFORMANCES: 10€. Registration preferred, not required, tickets at the door.
Professional ART WORKSHOPS (2–3 hours): 30€ per person plus material costs depending on workshop.
TEA LEARNING SESSION (1.5 hours/session): 10 € per person.
Separate registration required! Limited spaces.

The Events take place under the Corona regulations by the Berlin government. Admission only with negative tests or vaccination certificates.


Registration Workshop & Tea Learning Session: info@c-space.eu General Registration & Information: Lavia Lin, lavia.lin@c-space.eu


The project is an initiative by C*SPACE and its founders Katja Hellkoetter and Jan Siefke, in cooperation with Lavia Lin, artist and cultural manager, as well as with Annette Heimann, Managing Director of Asia Berlin Forum e.V. (ABF).
C*SPACE is a Co-Working, Project- and Event Space. Common purpose cultural and educational programs are offered by C*SPACE Berlin gGmbH. “C” stands for Curiosity, Creativity, Community, Collaboration… C*SPACE also hosts the Network CITYMAKERS China-Europe for liveable cities. The permanent exhibition “Common Space- Everything is Flow 一切皆流 ” is another highlight at C*SPACE.


The project is supported and co-funded by the Senate Chancellery of the Governing Mayor of Berlin, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, as well as the Asia Berlin Forum e.V.