Sebastian Schlecht

Location Essen

Architect / Urbanist / Regional Representative CITYMAKERS-Ruhr

Sebastian is passionate about an integrated view on urban design. He joined CITYMAKERS in 2018 during a learning exchange in Beijing. He is educated as an architect and urban designer and has aquired a wealth of experience which ranges from disciplines such as art, journalism, architecture, education and participation, as well as being an international lecturer. Today he is working as an expert on integrated green city strategies with a focus on nature-based solutions and climate adaption and mitigation concepts.

After founding a collaboration space and running his own architectural office for several years, Sebastian started to work for the city of Essen in 2010 as a Head of Project for construction. In 2015, he became project manager of the European Green Capital – Essen 2017. He is now responsible for the strategic management of environmental and climate-related topics on city level as well as in international exchange.

Sebastian is representing the City of Essen in the ICLEI Project Urban Transitions Alliance, he is a former Board Member and fellow of JAS e.V. (Youth-Architecture-City), initiated the CITYMAKERS-Ruhr Network in 2019 and founded the think-tank in 2020.

He strongly believes in the power of connecting people and natural solutions to make our cities more resilient, just and future-proof in terms of the strong impact of climate change. As the construction of buildings and infrastructures are one of the main sources of waste and CO2 emission today, he is certain that we need to change our thinking. In his opinion, it is not about avoiding mistakes and detaching from ourselves, but to reach positive impact through this high effort.


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