Cancelled – but stay tuned! Type, Sound and their influence on the city space

Published March 2020
Location Berlin, C*SPACE

In another special edition of our event series CITYMAKERS-Salon, we are pleased to host the outstanding artists Qian Geng and Anton Kaun for an exchange on writing, type and sound and their relation to the urban space.

How do the roles of calligraphy, lettering and literacy differ between China and the West? What passive influence do they exert on city inhabitants? How do they actively shape urban space? Let’s come together and discuss these meaningful questions!


Qian Geng (钱赓) is a contemporary Chinese calligrapher and performance artist. His performances connect the puristic core of the cultural technology of handwriting to the archaic and dark myths of Chinese folklore – letting culture and myths, performance and installation, writing and sound mingle in rituals of spacial conception.

Anton Kaun is one of the most outstanding German avant-garde noise artists who made his mark with music videos for The Notwist, live visuals for clubs and concerts as well as diverse theatre productions. What the two border crossers have in common is a radical mixture of impulse power and inwardness, perfectly suited to breaking conventions and involving a globally serene audience in powerful, temporary rituals.

This special salon is presented by CITYMAKERS in collaboration with Adam Langer, curator of the series “Deutsch-Chinesische Musikbegegnungen / German-Chinese Music Encounters”. The event will be moderated by David Wallraf.


Please note: This event had to be temporarily cancelled due to current events (coronavirus). But we are working on making it happen another day – stay tuned!


C*SPACE, Langhansstrasse 86, 13086 Berlin

(TRAM 13 or 12, Gustav-Adolf-Straße/Langhansstraße. Or M2: Ostsee- straße/ Prenzlauer Allee)


*This event is free of charge.