A conscious Walk during Pandemic in Amsterdam

Author Prisca Arosia
Published September 2020
Location Amsterdam

For the last 40 years, dutch urban planners are involved in several urban projects in China and South Korea in the fields of landscape design, urban design, tourism planning, among other high profile initiatives. We have conducted four distinctive walking journeys during pandemic in Amsterdam. The walks have been in two long standing areas and two new districts. The film features the city-walks and the discussions with experts about how the culture of walking is influencing urban planning in Netherlands and Asia and urban design ‘adaptation’.

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About the filmmakers

  • Prisca Arosio is an urban designer, architect and researcher. Her interest in urban strategy focus on public spaces and its social interaction. She took part in various architectural and urban projects with Melita Studio and collaborated with various Dutch architecture and urban design offices. Prisca holds a MSc in Architecture at Technical University/Eindhoven and a BSc in Architecture from Politecnico di Milano.
  • Bobby Born is a marketing manager and passionate photographer and video maker -Bornagraphique. His expertise goes from International City Branding Marketing Specialist to adviser for various European based Start-ups. Bobby Born has a rare combination of business and technical skills – digital transformation specialist, media planner, brand strategist, marketing executive; creative director.
Prisca Arosio
Bobby Born