CITYMAKERS | 城市创制 | STADTMACHER – A transcultural and transdisciplinary network of inspired change-makers and thinkers seeking alternative pathways to liveable cities in China, Europe and beyond.

To create new approaches to sustainable living spaces – in cities and the countryside – and develop healthier, more ecological, more human, more culturally inclusive practices and prototypes.

City-making means building belongingness, not just houses. Be it in China or Europe, the ability to create communities – both spatial and social – is the ‘currency’ that lies at the heart of livable cities.

Since 2015 the CITYMAKERS China-Europe program has grown into an ecosystem of places, spaces and people networks for the exchange and testing of new models of livable cities. In these transformation hubs, peers of the CITYMAKERS ‘global village’ have acted as catalysts for change, sharing solidarity, inspiration and friendship.

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The Invitation

Engage with the CITYMAKERS global village network to boost its relevance!

Join our we-chat community, inquire to get on the mailing list, connect with us at info@c-makers.de and send an introduction: Who are you? What is your background & expertise? How does CITYMAKERS resonate with you? Why do you want to join?

The Calling

China is not just a country; it is a global challenge topic. It’s a need for a shift of perspective. Cultivating relationships with peers in China is NOT a nice to have, BUT a MUST DO.

Our earth is in danger! Re-reconnecting with nature, valuing culture as our “soil’ equally, cultivating human interaction to  is more than ever ‘the command of the hour’.

Global ecosystems for a critical mass! Challenges of city making are global ones, thus requiring global support mechanisms and dialogue that help pioneers sustain their commitment, in particular when local peers are still few.

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The Offer

Walk, talk, connect…

  • Watch our 2020 CITYMAKERS Virtual Walks Series.
  • Find out about upcoming live (not virtual!) walks on Facebook.
  • Join our live CITYMAKERS Salons & Meetups at C*SPACE Berlin.
  • Join our online WeChat community with 200+ members (send your personal introduction to info@c-makers.de and receive your invitation).
  • Sign up for our newsletter by writing to us at info@c-makers.de.
    Connect with the CITYMAKERS RUHR Network.

Understand, inquire, map…

  • Check out our huge CITYMAKERS Knowledge Hub with its many interviews.
  • Discover special projects like our ‘Keep Wuhan Walking’ online magazine.
  • Find a list of all publications, studies and mappings.
  • Use the CITYMAKERS Suitcase tools (open source).
  • Get a tailor-made ‘Learning Cities Map’ for your city partnership ecosystem.

Build capacity, create, incubate…

  • Sign up for CITYMAKERS Labs and learning programs (open community offers dependent on available funding; custom-tailored programs available on demand).
  • Inquire about our social entrepreneurship competence training.
  • Get connected with experts in our network to mentor you at the critical idea incubation stage of your creative project.

Co-initiate, strategize, partner up…

  • As an individual affiliate of our network, use the CITYMAKERS brand – along with all its communication materials – for your local /regional activities. Inquire more: info@c-makers.de
  • Join the International Bosch Alumni Network to access even more networks.
  • As an organization, enterprise or institutions: Co-create new partnerships and projects with us drawing on our huge knowledge-hub. Contact Katja Hellkötter for an exchange of first ideas.
  • Find out about the partners who have collaborated with us and be inspired.

The Project Set-up

CITYMAKERS China-Europe was co-initiated by the Robert Bosch Foundation and CONSTELLATIONS in 2015. The foundation was the main funder in the first 5 years of the program cycle, and CONSTELLATIONS International acted as its executing agency.

CITYMAKERS China-Europe is currently shifting away from being a project run by a private agency. C*MAKERS, the name of our website, signals our openness to new directions, thematic-wise and structure-wise: collaborators, co-creators, common purpose, countryside, climate change,

For the time being, the network’s key contact points remain the CONSTELLATIONS office at C*SPACE Berlin and its head Katja Hellkoetter at kh@constellations-international.com.


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