Katja Hellkötter 何凯迪

Location Berlin

Project Lead and Manager

Katja Hellkötter © Julia Knop

Katja bas been working in Sino-European cooperation for two decades. She came to China for the first time in 1994 as an exchange student at Sichuan University. Though studying Chinese Language and in Business Studies her topical interest was driven by “green passion” early on. From seeking her first internship in a renewable energy project in Inner Mongolia, to acting as “Environmental Technology Manager” in the German Industry Delegation in Shanghai, to shaping the Agenda of the Hamburg-Shanghai Sister-City Partnership with eco topics while owning the position of Head of the Hamburg Office, to creating her CONSTELLATIONS in 2009 with a mission: ‘Learning, leading and collaborating for sustainable futures’: Sustainability has been a red threat in her career path. Over the years, her attention shifted more towards the art of learning and interaction as such which she considers as a key leverage point for impactful international cooperation: in 2010 she created SHANGHAI FLANEUR a learning format that takes the whole city as a conference room. She is a trained “generative facilitator” and practitioner of the Theory U framework for transformational learning and change, and enjoys creative program design as much as hosting inspirational professional exchange spaces with a human touch.

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