CITYMAKERS Partnerships

Published September 2020

The CITYMAKERS China-Europe program – as of Sept 2020 – has evolved from a project consisting of two initiating partners to a network constellation of diverse actors on various levels with several sub-projects. In the last 5 years we have enjoyed collaborating with a number of knowledgeable, prestigious, creative, dedicated, committed, wise, diverse, trustworthy, kind and unique partners!

Co-initiating agency actor: CONSTELLATIONS International

Special Thanks to Katja Hellkötter, Magali Menant, Chu Yan, Dr. Annette Erpenstein, Bettine Marissen, Luisa Keinprecht, Jana Brokate, Geritt Manke,  Oliver May-Beckmann


Co-Initiating foundation: Robert Bosch Stiftung

Special Thanks to Oliver Radtke, Eve Nagel, Christian Haenel, Thomas Henneberg


Creative design & content advisory partner

STUDIO WU Design – Special Thanks to Yimeng Wu and team
STUDIO Eduard Koegel – Special Thanks to Dr. Eduard Kögel

STUDIO Kika Yang – Special Thanks to Kika Yang

Silvan Hagenbrock – Special Thanks to Silvan Hagenbrock


 Social enterprise project collaborators

Ecoland Club Shanghai & Urban Rural Partnerships – Special Thanks to Dr. Pan Tao and Ya Ping
Green Steps Ltd. Shanghai/Vienna – Special Thanks to Knut Wimberger, Joan Elizalde and team
Crossboundaries Beijing – Special Thanks to Binke Lenhardt, Hao Dong, Gao Yang
Urban Impact GmbH Berlin– Special Thanks to Jonas Schorr
Wohnbuddy Vienna –  Special Thanks to Marlene Welzel
Zhijian GmbH Berlin & Zhjijian Workshop- Special Thanks to Keyao Wang and Rubing

Dongxii Berlin- Things move China GmbH– Special Thanks to Miriam Theobald


Program network partner:

Bosch Alumni Network and the IaC- International ALUMNI College – Special Thanks to Darius Polack, Lucie Menz, Armin Pialeck


Academic program collaborator:

Center for Cultural Studies on Science and Technology in China, TU Berlin and its network URBANIXX– Special Thanks to Dr. Sigrun Abels and Dr. Tania Becker von Falkenstein


NGO network partner:

Kollektiv Raumstation, Vienna– Special Thanks to Silvan Hagenbrock & team and CITYMAKERS-Ruhr Network Initiative – Special Thanks to Sebastian Schlecht
CECP China Endangered Culture Protectors, Wuhan – Special Thanks to Yang Fan
Deutsch-Chinesisches Mediennetzwerk e.V. – Special Thanks to Sonja Broy and Haifen Wang
Actors of Urban Change @ MitOst e.V. – Special Thanks to Sebastian Schlüter
APFB e.V. – Asia Pacific Forum Berlin – Special Thanks to Annette Heimann

Konfuzius-Institut Metropole Ruhr e.V. – Special Thanks to Susanne Lehr


Institutional project and event based collaborators:

NAX- Network for Architecture Exchange, Federal Chamber of German Architects – Special Thanks to Claudia Sanders, Melanie Läge, Tom Meier, Friederike Schönhardt
Goethe Institut Peking – Special Thanks to Clemens Treter, Roman Kierst, Lili
ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability – Special Thanks to ZHU Shu, Roman Mendle, Rebecca Wessinghage
dena – Deutsche Energie Agentur – Special Thanks to Ang Ye, Nicole Pillat

Sino-German Urbanisation Partnership – Special Thanks to Daniel Krahl

AsiaBerlin Summit  Berlin Economic Senate – Special Thanks to Rainer Seider


Municipal project collaborators

City of Berlin, International Relations Department  – Special Thanks to Petra Schwarz
City of Duisburg – International Relations Department – Special Thanks to Heike Maus, Johannes Pflug
City of Dortmund – International Relations Department & Environment Department – Special Thanks to Cornelia Irle and Michael Leischner
City of Hamburg – Representative Office of Hamburg in Berlin – Special Thanks to (former) Secretary of State,  Wolfgang Schmidt


Location partner

C*SPACE Berlin, CITYMAKERS’ office residence and regular community meet-up venue – Special Thanks to Jan Siefke

ANCB – Metropolitan Lab & Network Campus – CITYMAKERS’  bi-annual forum location- Special Thanks to Hans-Jürgen Commerell, Dunya Brochi, Miriam Melleck

Projektraum Drahnsdorf – CITYMAKERS-Village Retreat – Special Thanks to Andrea Weigt, Cyrus Khazaeli

Xian Urban Memory Museum & ZHI Space – CITYMAKERS-Xian Gathering – Special Thanks to SONG Qun and Wang Keyao

So, what now?

What if every single actor and organisation REALLY moved from individual stakeholder interest to a larger ecosystem interest…?

… how much bigger could our impact for the sake of the environment and societal benefit be? How could a model for CITYMAKERS China-Europe Network 2.0. look like?

CITYMAKERS is open to further evolution. Get in touch with CITYMAKERS curator and facilitator Katja Hellkoetter if you want to co-think the future of the network together.