5th Year Anniversary Special: CITYMAKERS Virtual Walks Project 2020

Published September 2020
© Annette Erpenstein
© Lina Martin-Chan
Heike Maus and Sonja Broy

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The CITYMAKERS Virtual Walks Project investigates fundamental themes of life in cities and on the countryside that are as relevant for people living in China as for those living in Berlin or any other European city.

The notion of “walk” could be interpreted and extended differently by each one of us. Outdoor urban walking is an opportunity not only to ask what the immediate impact of the coronavirus pandemic on urban and social space is, but also more substantially: What dysfunctions, blind spots and paradoxes does it bring to the surface?

In May 2020, queer filmmaker Popo Fan got invited to kick-off the first in the series of CITYMAKERS- Virtual Walking in Berlin to share his personal “Berlin walk” collaborating with CITYMAKERS-own Silvan Hagenbrock, urbanist and editor. The kick-off was created in cooperation between the programs CITYMAKERS and the Grenzgängerfestival //open:closed borders// and which premiered on Sunday, 31 May 2020.

The kick-off was followed by a decision c-makers core-team had made: an Open Call for participating at CITYMAKERS Virtual Walks Project.

Out of 43 applications, we have chosen 24 contributions to be part of our CITYMAKERS Virtual Walks Project, including a fruitful cooperation with Bosch Alumni Network and Goethe-Institut China. The walks investigated fundamental themes of life in cities that are as relevant for people living in China as for those living in Berlin or any other European city.

Their outcomes are presented in autumn 2020 during the CITYMAKERS China-Europe 5th Anniversary Celebration.

We are happy to share on this occasion the selected CITYMAKERS Virtual Walks 2020. Please take the chance to vote for your favorite walk! From September 19th to October 1st (Chinese Full Moon Festival) our COMMUNITY VOTING will take place!

CITYMAKERS-Community vote here

Video: Walls

Video: Chinatown

Video: Rebirth of Industrial Heritage

Video: Social Infrastructure

Video: Chengdu Stays Playful

Video: Chinese in Berlin

Video: Wonderland in Berlin

Video: Urban Transformation Shanghai and Berlin

Video: About Happiness

Video: Temporary Faith

Video: Here

Video: Walking after Lockdown Paris – Orleans 1h30

The Wall, is it still there?

Video: Stuttgart