Wonderland in Berlin

Author Yilan Zeng
Published September 2020
Location Berlin

Green life is an issue that many countries and cities are committed to, Berlin has given its rich answers. This visit followed the camera to get a glimpse of these green residential experiments dotted in the metropolis. The experiments are either by government or through citizens’ spontaneous acts. The author selected seven locations in the east of Berlin, Kleigartenanlage Am Volkspark e.V., Interkultureller Garten Lichtenberg, Vattenfall Wärme Berlin AG, European Creative City, Teepeeland, Insel Weißensee, and the secret garden.

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About the filmmakers

  • Yilan Zeng, Director, Photography
    Studied and worked in Beijing for 11 years.Worked as a designer and artist assistant in Berlin from 2017.Bachelor of Architecture, had many years experience in bamboo products .Currently she is more as an observer than a practitioner in Cities livings.
  • Jiaona Hu, Cutter, Animation
    One present Berliner in Germany and a born Bejing-er in China. Apart from her bachelor study in Architecture at Udk since 2016, she also works as an independent comic artist and a volunteer designer at the Beijing LGBT+ Center.
  • Sandy Wang, Associate Director
    Lives in Berlin since 2018, works as a freelancer , worked more than 20 years in art business, after having so many years experience with artists from all over the world, interested in how marginal artists survive in fast-growing cities.
  • Joanna Rebot, Narrator, Dubbing
    Born in Berlin, yet has a multicultural background. She studied English/ American and Polish studies at Humboldt University of Berlin and has acquired working experience in the field of journalism, commerce and marketing. In her free time, Joanna enjoys walking around in nature and reading ancient philosophy.
  • Yoshi Wang, Illustrator
    Studied and worked in Beijing since 2006. From 2013 to 2015, she has been to Germany for further study. Her major is Interior design and  she also worked as a independent graphic designer.
  • Daria Alkhimchenkova, Researcher
    Comes from Ukraine and is currently living in Berlin. After her Bachelor’s studies in Philology she spent a year in China, teaching and getting new experience in education. Now she studies a Master’s in Linguistics at Humboldt University. At HU, she is also helping with the organization of events for international students.
© Yilan Zeng