About Happiness

Author Susanne Elgeti, Annette Mehlhorn
Published September 2020
Location Shanghai

Is there a wisdom about how a people or a society can find happiness? What is needed in order to lead a fortunate and contended life? In the middle of the giant Metropolis of Shanghai wich is determined by money, trade, consumption and the victory of the fittest we follow close and affectionate encounters between foreigners and local people full of joy. The longing for happiness seems to be satisfied when we experience Penglai Parc, named after the Penglai-Island in Chinese Mythology. Here we find piece and happiness, but only a picture of the never seen Penglai-Island, the island of the immortals.

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About the filmmakers

  • Susanne Elgeti, producer and director of documentaries with subject matter in the fields of new music and  arts as well as social themes. Since 2008 she manages media education projects, since 2017 she teaches documentary film at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. She lives in Berlin.
  • Annette Mehlhorn, pastor, theater pedagogue and lecturer with studies and service in Jerusalem, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Rome, Berlin, Arnoldshain and Rüsselsheim. Since 2013 intercultural project manager at the Hamburg Liaison Office in Shanghai and Protestant pastor of the (ecumenical) German-speaking Christian community in Shanghai.
© Annette Mehlhorn
© Susanne Elgeti