European Union Identity: A walk about war and peace

Author Rémi Mazourine
Published September 2020
Location Luxembourg

Luxembourg city in a tiny cozy town at the bordure of France, Belgium and Germany. People there are tempted to remain what they are since it is the national motto.( « Mir wölle bleiwe wat mir sin ») You may very well meet and have a conversation with the Grand Duc hiking in a forest, as it happened to me, and maybe forget Luxembourg is also one the European Union capitals. How walking in Luxembourg streets inquires European identity?

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About the filmmakers

  • Rémi Mazourine is a French History and Geography teacher with a very eclectic background. Graduated from Sorbonne University, he is an expert on White Russians. Rémi spent the last 12 years in in Shanghai, exploring the nooks and crannies of the city with Shanghai Flaneur. He leaves now in Paris and Luxembourg city.
Rémi Mazourine