Learning Cities – What if you can’t Walk

Author Kika Yang, Randolfe Camarotto
Published September 2020
Location Berlin

How are cities made? and by whom? How to get more information about it and what are the means to take part in it? What kinds of inspiring examples can be found in Berlin? Within the framework of the Citymakers China-Europe program we would like to investigate places and people active in what we have called ‚Learning Cities‘.

Kika Yang shall take the opportunity of her moments special condition, and try to experience the city by the limited means of a broken foot – equipped with crutches and special a boot. She will be interviewing 1. Tania Becker at the Berlin city model at Berlin‘s department for urban planning; 2. Angela Million, from TU Berlin and JAS, an association for the urban education for teenagers and children at the Gleidreickpark 3. Alex Römer, founder of the collective Constructlab at the area of Dragoner in Kreuzberg and 4. Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius from Raumlabor, founder of the Floating University. In cooperation with Randolfe Camarotto, Kika Yang takes us through a cinematic learning journey in the city of Berlin.

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About the filmmakers

  • Randolfe Camarotto has been working in audiovisual since 2007, mainly in São Paulo, started as a video editor and over the years have worked in production of institutional videos, tutorial videos, advertising videos, television and documentaries for web. With the diversity of my work today I realize myself with projects that make the difference that give a message of reflection and questioning. I get involved from concept to final production.
  • Kika Yang, born in 1981 in Sao Paulo, daughter of a Sichuanese, blended with Austrian, Sicilian and Catalan blood, Kika is a ‘wahlberlinerin’ since 2012, where she achieved the artistic master ‘Space Strategies’ at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee. In recent years, Kika has been taking advantage of her almost 20 years experience in the fields of design, scenography, cultural heritage, real estate, branding, events and film production to create her own artistic interpretations, as well as contributing to enhance dialog and learning opportunities. As lecturer for Design at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin, her focus has been to establish partnerships which could bring academy and practice closer together.
© Kika Yang