CITYMAKERS Virtual Walks Project Call

Published August 2020

It is now official! Out of 43 applications, we have chosen 24 contributions to be part of our CITYMAKERS Virtual Walks Projects 2020.

These are our „walkers“:
Anna W.I. Au, Anusha Venkatachalam Iyer, Edna Peza, Elan Tsan, Fanny Hoffmann-Loss, Annette Erpenstein, Mickey Xu, HU Yue, Ines E. V. Racknitz, Jing Su, Jöran Mandik, Lina Martin-Chan, Keyao Wang, Fang Kong, Kika Yang, Tania Becker von Falkenstein, Kollektiv Raumstation, Kun, Kam & Jaap, Li Xin, Marcus Hernig, Ping Kong, Prisca Arosio, Rémi Mazourine, Sebastian Schlecht, Sonja Broy, Stefanie Schweiger, Angela Köckritz, Derek Deng, Susanne Elgeti, Annette Mehlhorn, Tian Gao, Giorgio de Santis, Tong Tianyi, Yang Fan and Zhang Ruo.

Their projects contain a variety of topics ranging from alternative consumerism, landscape aesthetics in China and Europe, German and Chinese countryside and village life, Wuhan heritage, post-colonialism and public space, Sino-German Relations in Berlin, and much more.
Download our List of Walkers to read about all topics as well as the many different cities in China and Europe that our walkers represent.

We are curious to see which roads will be taken by our walkers and where these will lead them (and later us). Their outcomes will be presented in autumn and we cannot wait to experience them! Stay tuned.

© Julia Knop