Rebirth of Industrial Heritage

Author Jing SU
Published September 2020
Location Berlin

At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of 20th century, when the German industry took off, it was once an industrial metropolis in Europe. In the process of urbanization, people inject culture, art, and creativity into industrial relics, creating unexpected intersections in time and space. Several visual examples and interviews are being presented: How do people renovate industrial heritage with creativity, art and culture in the city in order to give them a new function? How to make them a part of the city’s creative economy and let the city be sustainable and livable?

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About the filmmaker

  • Jing SU is a consultant and creator of culture, art and education projects, freelance writer. She is now also fellow of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Berlin, research on cultural and creative industries, design thinking and business, including startups, traditional companies and entrepreneurship in this field.
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