From the Yangtze to the Spree

Author Tian Gao, De Santis
Published September 2020

I arrived in Berlin in Winter 2016. It was a rainy and cold Sunday, barely had people walking on the street. Comparing to the metropolis Wuhan, my hometown, the first impression of Berlin as a big city was disappointing— until I took a random walk and met the Spree.  A river makes a city alive and brings culture — so is Yangtze river to Wuhan and Spree to Berlin. In this visual walk project, I am walking from Rummelsburger See to Friedrichstadt-Palast, showing the Berlin I know from East to Mitte, and telling the story about river and me.

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About the filmmakers

  • Giorgio De Santis is a sound designer, born in Livorno (Italy) he graduated in sound engineering at Accademia Nazionale del Cinema in Bologna, he works in stage productions as composer, sound and light designer. From 2015 he lives in Berlin, where he stably collaborates with the dance company Sasha Waltz & Guests
  • Tian Gao is a Berlin-based dancer originally from Wuhan, China. She hosts a master-degree at Folkwang University of Arts. Since 2018 she works as dancer with Sasha Waltz & Guests. She has been collaborating with musicians and visual artists for her own projects, performed in Europe and China


  • Supported by Goethe-Institut China and CITYMAKERS China-Europe
© Tian Gao