Profile: Jana Brokate 王雅娜 | User Experience Enthusiast

Location Berlin
Jana Brokate @Beijing Summer Palace

Jana Brokate first came in touch with the CITYMAKERS platform through the Berlin Beijing Learning Map, which focuses on people and places at the intersection between both cities. A true Berlin-Beijing-ren(人) herself, she was delighted about the invitation to contribute.

Jana has always been interested in global issues and their understanding through different local lenses and mindsets. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in East Asian/Chinese Studies and a Master’s degree in African Studies. Originally from Germany, she has lived abroad for over 6 years – mostly in China, but also in South Korea and Mexico.

Next to her interest in cross-cultural topics, Jana likes to explore all things digital. She strongly believes in the importance of an user-centered, inclusive and sustainable approach when creating products, services and liveable cities. She is currently transitioning into the field of user experience (UX) design and divides her time between her UX studies and the CITYMAKERS project.

How do you define city making? What does city making mean to you?

Jana Brokate: “City making is a multi-disciplinary, inclusive approach for people to collaborate with the goal of solving urban challenges of the present and the future. For me personally, it means finding new ways to engage with another and to transform the urban interface with a people-centered mindset.”

What do you value in being part of the CITYMAKERS network?

“I value the inspiring exchange between driven people, who proactively meet the challenges of shaping our urban future. Many of those challenges are global challenges that are found in all kinds of cities world-wide. This is why we need to exchange ideas on a global level and why it is so important to have a direct conversation between China and Europe. I think independent platforms like CITYMAKERS – which connect people on a grassroots level – can be very powerful in moving this important conversation forward.”