Pop-Up Teahouse Berlin Summer 2022 Program

Published June 2022
Location C-SPACE

We are excited to announce that our “Pop-Up Teahouse“, the cultural event series launched in 2021 is back this summer!

“OPEN!” is the overall motto of this summer’s Pop-Up Teahouse at C*SPACE Berlin. In cooperation with several co-curators and hosts, the program will unfold in a variety of formats. Some are “perennials” from last year, others were newly “seeded” in various dialogues with people in our community over the winter months. The program also contains open empty “fields” for yet unknown “flowers to bloom”, and we are open for spontaneous pop-ups at or beyond the dates mentioned. What unites all formats, be they contemplative, artistic, or more provocative, is the cultivation of open minds and open hearts, curiosity, and courage, all much needed to help us regenerate and face the challenges of our times. Of course, there will also be plenty of tea to be had together!


Evening gatherings, held mostly Fridays, from 7 to 10 pm. From artworks to words, books to

beliefs, ideas to interventions. Photography, personal stories, and poetry. From “food for thought” to soul food, from talks to tea, salons offer an open stage for presentations, discussions, or curated conversations.


July 1: Hong Kong observations: Art in Pro- test (Synopsis of MA thesis, Humboldt Univer-

sity). Host: Karen Cheung, independent curator

July 8: OPEN slot-call for contribution!

July 9: Speculative Grounds: Book Launch and Talk. Host: Antonie Angerer, I: Project Space & Uni Würzburg (5–7 pm). Also at C*SPACE that day: Forum by Deutsch-Chinesisches Mediennetzwerk (7–9 pm).

July 15: OPEN Slot-call for contribution!

July 30th: CITYMAKERS @ TheTeahouse: Alternative Ways of Living – Projects, Models, Visions. Host: Elan Zeng, Forest Studio

August 19: OPEN Space & Pop-Ups. Host: AK – Asiatischer Künstlerverein

Sept 9: Chai Talks: Unfolding Freedom. Hosts: Sudebi Thakurata & Probal Banerjee with Katelijn Verstraete


Howard Choy, architect and founder of “SHOUYI.”: Qi Gong and Feng Shui Theory & Practice. Intro talks at TEA TIMES with opportunity for regular community practice starting in autumn. First talk: July 15, from 6 to 7 pm. More dates online.



July 21–24: Collective creation research project – Creative dance and choreography workshop culminating in a performance guided by contemporary dancer TIAN Gao: for people from all fields, with or without dance experience (Thu/Fri, 7–10pm + Sat/Sun, 1/2 days)

July 29th: “Virtual Feng Shui“ – Artist duo Mountain River Jump! 山河跳! in discussion with curator Nora Gantert, with interactive divination workshop

August 20: What Art Can Do: Discussion & Intervention. Art, Nature & Climate Change. Host: Li Zhenhua.

Event series:


Four Thursday evenings presenting photo books. Themes: Disappearing Hometown. Relationship. Social Landscape. Youth Culture.” Host: Chen Haisu.

Dates: July 7th and 21st, August 4th and 18th.



Monday Movie Nights: A series of six films, hosted by KAS- scholarship holders on the initiative of Pisen Sou, Global Communications student (MA). Film Titles check online. Supported by KAS – Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. Starting August 1st, weekly till Sept 5th

TEA Events:

TEA TIMES: Every Friday starting June 24, 4 to 7 pm.

Hosted by tea experts, traders, lovers. Community tea culture space.

June-July Line-Ups:

June 24th– Jan & Lavia (C*SPACE)
July 1st-“Tea & Cake” with tea Sommelier Claudia Priemer (Büro für Geist & Genuss)
July 8th– “Cold Brew Herbal Tea Tasting” with Claudia Seibusi, tea sommelier and founder of  Eattea
July 15th– “Healthy Mind and Body with a cup of Tea” with Ye Ming, tea master and founder of “Das Geheimnis des Tees”
July 22nd– “Tea pairing with Pretzel & Berliner”- Laura & Steward, founders of Connecasia,
tea masters with speciality in Tea & Culinary

July 29th- Tea with Cordula Paetzel, Beimake China Tea

More details on our TEA TIME hosts here 


6 square meters of creative shelves at the C*SPACE 3rd-floor studio for artists to exhibit their work and products! Open for contribution

call now! (Sizes of shelves 38cm x 80cm and 18×64 cm)



Organizer of the Pop-Up Teahouse Berlin: C-SPACE Berlin gGmbH – independent social enterprise and creative space dedicated to ideas and encounters across borders, founded by Katja Hellkötter and Jan Siefke. Pop-Up Teahouse Berlin started in 2021 with support from the Berlin Senate Chancellery to foster Berlin’s cosmopolitan open spirit.

This years funding: Costs are covered partially by support from foundations, plus by individual community donations. Contributions p.p. for events: Check online.

Address: Langhansstraße 86, 13086 Berlin-Weissensee. Contact: info@c-space.eu www.c-space.eu
Overall program curation & facilitation: Katja Hellkötter