Profile: Anusha Venkatachalam Iyer 阿努沙 | Writer & Filmmaker

Originally from India, Anusha worked in the non-fiction film industry, before quitting her job to travel Asia. She first visited Sichuan Province in 2018 on a two-week volunteer programme at a pig farm. Two years since, she continues her romance with the Chinese countryside, documenting the varying interpretations of “sustainability” in the country.

Anusha was one of the contributors at CITYMAKERS Virtual Walks 2020. Her documentary film ‘Walking the Chinese Countryside’ draws a parallel between urban and rural spaces in China.

What does CITYMAKERS China-Europe mean to you? Or in other words: What do you value in being part of the network?

CITYMAKERS has an inclusive and collaborative vision, which I appreciate. It  pushes for much-needed dialogue and engagement to ensure we’re not just building houses, but homes. China as we know, is a nation that has always progressed and continues to grow at an extremely rapid pace. Europe in many ways is a flag pole at the end of the race and I’m sure there are valuable lessons to be learnt about not just progressing as a nation, but sustaining as a planet.

What does city making mean to you? Or in other words: What drives you with regard to city making? What is important to you?

Cities have always stood as a testament to human development, but now with the pandemic, we’re having to redefine the very purpose of these structures. Cities today are so far removed and incubated from the natural world, not just physically but also culturally. In that sense, city planning to me is not only about creating spaces that provide jobs and opportunities, but enabling a healthy lifestyle in harmony with nature.