We Are All Wuhan – Video Messages

Published April 2020

We got very personal insights into their daily life, about their challenges, and we got some really optimistic and thoughtful outlooks. Follow our CITYMAKERS into springtime in Beijings (again) crowded streets, into the public parks in Shanghai which are just opened after the long lockdown. Listen to CITYMAKERS in Wuhan, to the epicenter of the pandemic, where people are still not sure about what’s next. Get a glimpse about the daily home-school life in China, where children are still forced to learn for more than 8 hours per day in front of their iPads. And see how business like Wohnbuddy are effected by the crisis in Vienna.

“How does a permanent online education program under lockdown effects our children?” An intimated look into Knut Wimberger’s (partner of Green Steps Ltd.) life in Shanghai and that of his seven and eleven year old children.

“It hit us badly. But it did not hit us down.” ?
Listen to CITYMAKER Dong Hao from Beijing, co-founder of Crossboundaries.

“Let’s be resilient! Let’s be tough! And never lose hope!” – Yang Fan

“When we were in Europe six weeks ago, people still made in public jokes about the virus, and really waited until the danger enter their gates to start panicking. We could have handled this much better and earlier on a global scale. And it’s the same situation with the climate crisis.”
A message from CITYMAKER Joan Elizalde (Founder of Green Steps Ltd.) Shanghai, China).

“No matter what happens, spring will always be there.” Follow Gao Yang from Crossboundaries through Beijings re-crowded streets.

“We were forced to stop our core business.” Have a look how the coronavirus crisis affects Vienna and in particular the impact-driven venture Wohnbuddy of CITYMAKER Marlene Welzl.

“The good news are: The situation in Shanghai is getting better after two months.” Optimistic outlook by CITYMAKER Dr. Pan Tao, founder of the New Schrebergarten Shanghai.