URBANI[XX] – Alumni Network by China Center @TU Berlin

Location Berlin


URBANI[XX] is a German-Chinese alumni network on the topic of urbanization and urban development, which is headed and coordinated by the Center for Cultural Studies on Science and Technology in China (CCST) of the TU Berlin and funded by the BMBF. The aim of the network is to systematically bring together German China alumni and Chinese Germany alumni, who deal with questions and innovative solutions for sustainable urban design. The network offers an online portal, workshops and publications. The CITYMAKERS program is a “member” of the partner network of URBANI[XX].

URBANI[XX] Initiatives

Urbani[XX] implemented a broad variety of formats aiming to bring together experts, alumni, academic institutions and companies in the field of urban development in China. Core element of Urbani[XX] is an online- database of alumni and experts active in the field of urbanisation in China. The organized China- Lunch is an interdisciplinary discussion forum on current issues regarding sustainability, digitalisation and climate change. Various workshops and the Peer People Programme are completing the wide range of networking formats offered by Urbani[XX] .

Upcoming Events

18.1.2021 – Sustainable China Lunch via Zoom “Energie-effizientes Bauen in China: Passivhäuser”, by Stefan Schirmer (dena)