Profile: Ping Kong 孔萍 | World Heritage Specialist and Social Entrepreneur

Location Berlin
© Ping Kong

Ping Kong was invited to the NAX program by Constellations in 2018 and since then connected to CITYMAKERS. She is a trained urban planner and has acquired international working experience in the field of UNESCO World Heritage. Ping has conducted cross-disciplinary research and practice in heritage conservation and development in multi-cultural contexts, and developed expertise in historic urban landscape approach, heritage impact assessment and sustainable tourism. Currently she is working with World Heritage properties to develop E-learning programs for youth.

What do you value in being part of the CITYMAKERS China-Europe network?

Ping Kong: “The CITYMAKERS China-Europe is a very dynamic network, in which people can safely and freely share their projects and experience. The shared vision and friendly atmosphere encourage collaboration and sparkle new ideas across disciplines and cultural contexts.”

How do you define city making?

“City-making is a participatory approach and serves as a knowledge reservoir to nurture innovation and collaboration towards a better living environment.”