CITYMAKERS Project Case “Wuhan City Alley Walks”

Location Wuhan
The Team of Wuhan City Alley Walk with Yang Fan joining virtually ©Yolanda vom Hagen
Supporting “City Alley Walks” from Berlin, initiating the Keep Wuhan Walking initiative ©Yolanda vom Hagen


“Wuhan City Alley Walk, creating a new way for people to experience cities across the world, to foster a network of people who love cultures, to inspire citizens, and to mobilize bottom up cultural exchange, cultural creation and heritage preservation.”

Project Owner:

  • China Endangered Culture Protectors (CECP)


  • Yang Fan // Wuhan- Independent researcher & writer, social campaigner and entrepreneur, consultant of Wuhan City of Design, Economics background (National University of Singapore).

Target group:

  • Individuals interested in culture and heritage preservation anticipating in their walks AND volunteers, fascinated by the cultural heritage of their city and motivated to organise tours off the beaten tracks in their hometown in China.

Status (Oct. 2020):

  • Many different tour-formats have been established such as the Youth-program or the Heritage Night Ride as well as culture-related activities, like Salons, Oral History Interviews, Exhibitions and Social campaigns.
  • The Covid-19 lockdown forced “City Alley Walks” to interrupt their activities in 2020. Yang Fan was not able to participate in the Deep Dive Lab in Berlin, however the European team supporting his case started the Wuhan Keep Walking initiative with the aim to show solidarity with CITYMAKERS friends in Wuhan. The initiative also led to a collaboration with the Goethe Institut: the Keep Wuhan Online Magazine was created.


  • Rise awareness of cultural heritage of 100 000 people having participated in CECP- organised walks and activities.

Get to know Wuhan City Alley Walks

In the following video Yang Fan, founder of “City Alley Walks” is introducing his social organisation, presenting the various activities CECP is organising, such as the Heritage Night Ride or the Youth program.

Message by Yang Fan to the CITYMAKERS community, Sept. 2020

In the following interview, Yang Fan is talking about the potential “City Alley Walks” has in shaping liveable and sustainable cities by facilitating bottom-up cultural exchange. In front of major cultural sights in Wuhan he speaks about the impacts and challenges for his project caused by the pandemic – nevertheless he stays optimistic that “City Alley Walks” will continue to bring people together, discovering the cultural heritage of our cities.

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