CITYMAKERS Project Case “Green Steps”

Green Steps ARK during the CITYMAKERS Harvest Celebrations KEEP THINKING @AEDES


“The ARK – a gamified social network which accelerates the impact of environmental education.”

Project Owner

  • Green Steps (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. & Green Steps e.V.


  • JOAN ELIZALDE // Shanghai- Founder Green Steps Marine biologist, master in sustainable tourism mgt, professional diver, Montessori teacher, team building expert, educator and designer of environmental curricula.
  • KNUT WIMBERGER // St. Pölten- HR & organizational development expert; Montessori teacher; passionate about fixing the environment, reforming education and unfolding the human potential.

Team members:

Target group:

  • B2B: aspiring, professional sustainability educators; organizations active in sustainability education
  • B2B2C: child learners; learning adult community members

Status (Oct. 2020):

  • ARK alpha launch with Shanghai based Learning Community prototype since Apr 1, 2020
  • Training of beta users with two CN-EU master trainer/regional mentor teams from Oct 20 – Mar 21
  • Identification of corporate or public stakeholders to finance product development
  • Set up of tech development and product design office in Europe
  • ARK production version launch during Hoopoe Summit, Apr 1, 2021


  • Become an leading environmental education organisation.

Call for support:

  • Better User: Join the ARK as professional environmental educator/organization and iterate with us an impactful solution.
  • Investors: If you are a social impact investor and interested in our work, shoot us a mail to get our full pitch deck and a product presentation.

Get to know Green Steps ARK

This video shortly introduces Green Steps ARK, its vision, programs and activities. Knut Wimberger and Joan Elizalde are taking you to Shanghai giving an insight into the various activities, Green Steps initiated.

Interview with Knut Wimberger, Sept. 2020

In the following Interview Knut Wimberger is talking about the potential of Green Steps ARK shaping liveable and sustainable cities and his visions and plans with Green Steps. The Covid 19 pandemic showed once more that the future of education is outside the classroom, highlighting the potential of Green Steps, as an environmental education provider.