CITYMAKERS Project Case “New Schrebergarden”

Pan Tao, founder of “New Schrebergarden” during the CITYMAKERS Deep Dive Lab 2020 in Berlin
Ecoland Club Farm Shanghai Drone View
Pan Tao @ Eco Land Club Shanghai
Pan Tao @ Drahnsdorf
Team of Eco Land Club


“The New Schrebergarden Farm (NSF) will be a social start-up helping urban families grow their own food in the suburban area and contribute to the local economy. Its business evolves from the German traditional Schrebergarden model towards a service based and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) combined model”

Project Owner:

  • Eco Land Club, Shanghai, founded in 2010 / Urban Rural Partnership (URP)


  • Dr. Pan Tao // Shanghai-  Founder of Green Think Tank (ISEE) and the first Schrebergarden in China (Ecoland Club Farm).

Target group:

  •  Urban families who want to have their second home and garden in the suburban countryside, motivated to grow their own fruits and vegetables.

Status (Oct. 2020):

  • The original goal of this project in the frame of the accelerator was to develop a Schrebergarten 2.0 model for Germany. This could not be pursued due to Covid-19. Instead Pan Tao put the focus on developing further activities in China. For example:
  • The establishment of the project “Village Vibes” creating a sustainable community, consisting of homes, a school and a farm focussing on the problem of environmental education
  • The foundation of the second Eco Land Club in Shanghai.
  • Development of the third Eco Land Club in Kunming City/ Yunnan.
  • Formation of the company Urban-Rural-Partnership (URP) in order to further franchise the idea of Schrebergarden 2.0.


  • The creation of 1000 new Schrebergardens worldwide, duplicating the “New Schrebergarden” model worldwide and export it back to Germany.

Get to know “New Schrebergarden”

In this video Pan Tao, founder of “New Schrebergardens” takes us to his Schrebergarden in the Eco Land Club in Shanghai. He talks about the vision of his project, creating a sustainable future,  the USP business model, which makes the “New Schrebergarden” project unique, and the goals for the CITYMAKERS Deep Dive Lab in 2020.

Interview with Dr. Pan Tao, Sept. 2020

In the following video Pan Tao is talking about the key achievements of his social business “New Schrebergarden”, his expansion plans and the creation of his new project “Village Vibes” together with Knut Wimberger from Green Steps. In the second half of the video Pan Tao is taking you to his Schrebergarden community in Shanghai.