Profile: Jan Siefke | Photographer & C*SPACE Host

Location Berlin

Jan Siefke is a trained photographer, international flaneur and host of C*Space in Berlin. His background in photography spiced up and flavored his life with extensive works and stays in South America and Asia. Shanghai was his professional base for over 16 years.

From working on topics like saddlers in the empty spaces of Patagonia, he came to the extreme opposite side visually reflecting on urban life in Megacities in Asia. His work is published in German and English-speaking media. His artistic projects touch on Urbanism + Identity – also as part of the CITYMAKERS programme. As a Co-Founder of Shanghai Flaneur, the exploration and in-depth knowledge transfer on relevant city and society topics was his main motivation and driver.

In Berlin, being part of a great team, he creates an environment for inspiration and creativity in his C*Space, welcoming workshops and hosting crosscultural events. Globally minded, locally inspired he lives life as an adventure every day.

What does CITYMAKERS China-Europe mean to you?

Jan Siefke: “It is a great cross-cultural and cross disciplinary network – an ideal source for new ideas – different perspectives – and people to exchange with!”

What does city making mean to you?

“As a photographer I was always interested in how people create and shape their environment. My photography lead me from Patagonian settlers building up a first settlement to the density of asian cities like Hongkong.

What lies in between emptiness and density, nature and megacities, the natural and the artificial? How can each one of us join in to create open and common spaces, an atmosphere to support exchange and learning?

So city making for me means also questioning the visible environment – checking the heartbeat of your surrounding, feeling the space – and if possible act on it in your personal style, with your personal skills.”