Round Table Discussion on Social Entrepreneurship and Citymaking

Published May 2019
Location Drahnsdorf

Listen to the Podcast

Collecting inspirations throughout the CITYMAKERs Lab Kika Yang curated a final discussion on the last day of the event. Oliver May-Beckmann, Erik Ackner, Jah Ying Chung, Tristan Biere, Marius Raebiger and Iris Belle were invited to reflect together about topics that were somehow floating in the background of all discussions of the Lab. Beginning with the definition of the term ‘city’, to interpretations of ‘citymaking’, the group scratches the surface of some the most relevant issues of our times, such as political, economical and environmental aspects that not only influence the spaces we create, but overall the conditions of our lives. They see a lot of potential in social entrepreneurship to generate and test solutions, proving once more the relevance of having CITYMAKERS.