Sebastian Schlecht – All that is needed are participatory programs

Published May 2019
Location Drahnsdorf
Sebastian Schlecht ©

In his talk with Kika Yang, which was recorded at the CITYMAKERS Social Entrepreneurship Competence Lab in May 2019, Sebastian Schlecht shares how enriching it can be to experience different perspectives of particular processes. Several years of architectural design background, followed by a position at the city administration of Stadt Essen – Das Stadtportal – which received the Official European Green Capital Award – and the coordination of JAS Jugend Architektur Stadt e.V. (Youth & Architecture Association) provided him with a broad perspective of the methodologies that define our cities. Being an optimist, he believes that we have the necessary resources to generate, test and implement new solutions to sustainable built environments: All that is needed are participatory programs.

在访谈中Sebastian Schlecht分享,在某些过程中不同的视角使得经历更加充实。数年建筑设计的经历,其后在Essen城市管理部门的工作,以及对青年与建筑协会的协调工作使得他对决定城市的各种方法有着广泛的视角。作为一个积极主义者,他相信我们有足够的资源来生成,实验和执行塑造可持续发展环境的新方案——唯一需要的是参与性的项目。

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