Dialogue with 8 city makers at the Social Entrepreneurship Lab

Published May 2019
Location Drahnsdorf
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The wind is blowing, leaves are bouncing gently… only every now and then a car… even more rarely the sound of trains in the background… overall a peaceful atmosphere. And inside? So much life! Brains and hearts burning, busy mouths, active pens trying to keep up and document all the information being shared. What a difference it makes to step out of the noisy city into a quieter environment close to nature. This was for sure one of the reasons that the CITYMAKERS Social Entrepreneurship Competence Lab, held on May 8-9th 2019, turned out to be so intense. With very limited distractions, people were invited to dive into and share a common universe, both on spaces but also on topics.

During the dynamic event, Kika Yang would sometimes pop up to “borrow” some of the participants and take them into a separate space. The cozy setting there was meant for guests to feel comfortable enough to share their stories with a bit more depth. Each one was encouraged to speak about their personal motivations and background, their particular interest to join the LAB and finally invited to brainstorm with us about the potential of the CITYMAKERS platform.

So here you all have the chance to know more about Laura Bruns, Sebastian Schlecht, Jah Ying Chung, Jonas Schorr, Marlene Welzl, Erik Ackner, Andrea Weigt & Cyrus Khazaheli through a series of podcasts published on our CITYMAKERS website.

The final chapter is a round table discussion on social entrepreneurship and city making, which was moderated by Kika Yang shortly before the the lab was finished. She gathered people with different backgrounds, cultural experiences and perspectives to further reflect on the underlying themes that were floating in the air of Drahnsdorf.

风吹草动,少见的机车,背景中偶然能辨别的火车声:这安静的氛围下却充满了生机,心脑口手活跃交互,试着记录下交换的信息。离开城市的喧嚣,来到贴近自然的静寂之所,于5月8-9日举行的CITYMAKERS公益企业能力培养Lab因此格外紧凑:参与者纵身跃入一个不受干扰的共同的地理与话题空间。活跃的活动期间,Kika Yang时不时地把一部分参与者请到一个角落,她布置舒适的场景让被访人在放松的状态下更加深入地分享他们的故事。被访人谈论他们的个人初衷和背景,参加LAB的兴趣所在,并共同为CITYMAKER平台的潜在发展出主意。这里您有机会通过CITYMAKERS网络发布的一系列podcasts更多的了解Laura Bruns, Sebastian Schlecht, Jah Ying Chung, Jonas Schorr, Marlene Welzl, Andrea Weigt & Cyrus Khazaheli。最后一部分是Kika Yang在Lab结束前主持的讨论,她集中了不同文化背景不同视角的人们,激发他们来把握Drahnsdorf抛出的引题。

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Laura Bruns – “Just do it”

Jah Ying Chung – Change makers exchange ideas

Erik Ackner – Start it up

Andrea Weigt & Cyrus Khazaheli – Projektraum Drahnsdorf

Jonas Schorr – Enabling innovative solutions between startups and institutions

Sebastian Schlecht – All that is needed are participatory programs

Round Table Discussion on Social Entrepreneurship and Citymaking