Profile: Sonja Broy | Urban Architect & Storyteller

Location Essen
© Sonja Broy

Sonja Broy became part of the CITYMAKERS platform through the CITYMAKERS Accelerator Deep Dive Lab. Her professional projects are located at the interface between the architecture of urban areas, neighbourhood development, art, culture, project management and journalism.

She studied journalism in Bremen and Hong Kong, did an internship at a media platform in Beijing and worked as an editor in Germany before she decided to focus on urbanization. As Sonja has a strong interest in all kinds of topics linked to the regeneration of old industrial areas in Germany and England, she moved to the Ruhr area for a master’s degree in Urban Culture, Society and Space and went to Northern England for a four month long research project afterwards. At the moment she is living in Essen and working in Oberhausen and Gelsenkirchen.

As a board member of the German Chinese Media Network – a German-Chinese journalists association that aims to deepen the exchange between journalists from both countries on the long term – she never lost her interest in China.

What do you value in being part of the CITYMAKERS China-Europe network?

Sonja Broy: “I value the opportunity to meet like-minded, inspiring people. At the same time I’m glad to maintain the connection to China and Europe as the focus of my daily work routine and projects is on a local and regional level but I might want to switch to an international context at some point.”

What does city making mean to you?

“Cities are complex systems and the challenge is to have an eye on all levels: administrations, politics, civil society, individuals, investors, challenges and opportunities by migration, inclusion, gender equality, etc. For me personally it’s the best of all possible professions as projects and opportunities are diverse, you get the chance to interact and change arguments, visions and inspirations with all kinds of different people and to shape the future of living areas and communities.”