#3 Striving for Sustainable Neighbourhoods

Author Gerrit Manke
Published April 2022
Location Berlin

How to plan and convert neighbourhoods to reach carbon-neutrality and sustainability goals

This course unit examines concepts of planning and implementing new energy-efficient, carbon-neutral, eco-friendly neighbourhoods, as well as various means of integrating energy efficiency and eco-friendliness into existing urban quarters. Special emphasis is put on neighbourhoods with an integrated, comprehensive approach, including adaptation strategies, mobility concepts and social integration.

THE CITY WALK VIDEO – an immersive city experience on Car-free neighbourhoods

THE THEMATIC CITY VIDEO – presenting different approaches on realizing sustainable neighbourhoods in Berlin

The THEMATIC CITY VIDEO is an informational and inspirational form of knowledge input, based on the voices of experts, and illustrated by various projects. With the mission to give a further understanding of the different dimensions of sustainable neighbourhoods, the THEMATIC CITY VIDEO of this course unit investigates various climate-friendly neighbourhoods and their approaches to sustainability.

For further Expert talks regarding the topic of sustainable neighbourhoods in click here.