#5 Adaptation Strategies of German Cities

Published April 2022
Location Hamburg

How German cities are preparing for adaptation to climate change

This course unit examines different adaptation strategies applied by German cities in order to reduce the negative impact of various manifestations of climate change, such as floods, heat waves and droughts. Policies, instruments, and means and activities to incorporate adaptation needs into urban planning and development are described here.

The CITY WALK –  an immersive city experience on the topic of green roofs

The ‘Garden‘ City Walk takes place on the green rooftop gardens of the Hamburg Department for Environment, Climate, Energy and Agribusiness, the DZ HYP AG Hamburg, and the Fachverband Garten-, Landschaft- und Sportplatzbau Hamburg e.V. Considered a city of rooftop gardens, Hamburg is a textbook example of how to avoid sealed surfaces. In combination with parks, rooftop gardens allow urban nature to unfold and residents to appreciate it on a daily basis.

An informational and inspirational form of knowledge input – THE THEMATIC CITY VIDEO

With its mission to illustrate the key aspects of adapting urban areas to climate change, the THEMATIC CITY VIDEO depicts the broad range of adaptation measures with examples from Hamburg and Berlin.

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