#2 Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Urban Renewal

Published April 2022
Location Berlin

How to combine cultural heritage protection with climate and sustainability strategies

This course unit presents sustainable urban renewal strategies in quarters of historical and cultural significance. It showcases how urban renewal and development can happen within the existing stock of buildings which either keep their original function (e.g. housing), or are converted for new functions (e.g. formerly administrative buildings). The intention is to preserve history while preparing them for a more resource efficient, resilient and carbon-neutral future. The unit discusses interdependencies of ecological urban renewal and cultural heritage. It showcases both, “High Culture” as much as “Daily Life Culture”, the latter shaping behaviors of people and identities of places, thus being an important potential to increase awareness for ecological transformation.

An inspirational journey through Berlin – THE CITY WALK VIDEO

The City Walk “Urban Renewal and Cultural Heritage: From Museums Island to Former Breweries” takes place in Berlin along former industrial buildings inc. the “Kulturbrauerei” and “Am Pfefferberg”, former breweries which are today hubs for cultural activities, innovative design, and alternative housing. Thus Industrial architecture meets modern urban culture. To what extent can site-specific features like heritage sites be preserved, ecologically renewed and correspond to the current tendencies within a heterogeneous urban society?

An informational and inspirational form of knowledge input – THE THEMATIC CITY VIDEO

In its endeavour to investigate the role of heritage in urban renewal, the THEMATIC CITY VIDEO illustrates the different dimensions of heritage in the urban context and their role in urban renewal.

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