#4 From Construction Waste to Sustainable Architecture

Published April 2022
Location Berlin

How to reduce waste, save resources and apply sustainable construction principles

This course unit strengthens participants’ understanding of the relation between the increasing generation of construction and demolition waste and the overuse of natural resources. It presents sustainable alternatives, such as recycling, material re-use, renovation instead of demolition, and the principles of circular economy. Experts explain why avoiding waste starts with sustainable architecture. The Training Messages address how it works.

The CITY WALK –  an immersive city experience on the topic of construction waste

The ‘City Walk in Bremen and Berlin on Concrete Recycling and Alternatives’   takes place on construction sites in Bremen and Berlin where material is recycled. How does the construction industry manage to reuse materials like concrete? What does it do with wood and clay?

An informational and inspirational form of knowledge input – THE THEMATIC CITY VIDEO

This THEMATIC CITY VIDEO illustrates key aspects of planning and designing buildings sustainably, clarifying the important role of public procurement in this endeavour. A handout with project profiles offers additional technical information.

For further Expert talks regarding the topic of construction waste and sustainable architecture click here.