Profile: Prisca Arosio | Urban Designer & Architect

Location Amsterdam
© Prisca Arosio

Prisca Arosio is an urban designer, architect and researcher. Her interest in urban strategy focus on public spaces and its social interaction. She took part in various architectural and urban projects with Melita Studio and collaborated with various Dutch architecture and urban design offices. Prisca holds a MSc in Architecture at Technical University/Eindhoven and a BSc in Architecture from Politecnico di Milano.

What do you value in being part of the CITYMAKERS China-Europe network?

Citymakers have multiple meanings to me; it can be referring to professionals making cities as it can refer to people who live in the city and make it their own. In my opinion, CITYMAKERS creates a dialogue and exchange of information among professionals and citizens.

What drives you with regard to city making? What is important?

City making can be both formal and informal or top-down and bottom-up. Urban design and urban planning are the formal way of making a city/neighborhood and community planning is an informal way in which inhabitants/groups make their own way of living. Participatory planning, educating people on city making, sharing of knowledge and creating awareness are the in-between ways of city making which I think needs to be implemented and further developed to create better neighborhoods and cities.