CITYMAKERS Ruhr 2020 Meet-Up in Duisburg

Author Sebastian Schlecht
Published November 2020
Location Duisburg
Participants at CITYMAKERS Ruhr 2020 Meet-Up
Participants at CITYMAKERS Ruhr 2020 Meet-Up

After starting with CITYMAKERS-RUHR in 2019, we did invite again to meet and discover: what does livable city making mean today, what is our calling and potential to act now as makers and thinkers? How can we move forward and go deeper with our ideas to co-create and innovate across disciplines and borders?

Things have changed unexpectedly since November 2019, but our themes are even more relevant today. Experiencing the lock-down made us think once more about the impact of public space and about the awareness for our environment. Accessibility and experience more than ever do contribute to the quality of our lives and to a resilient society. If you are curious what Citymakers think and feel about important places during corona-lockdown. See also our CITYMAKERS RUHR REFLECTIONS series.

Besides (re)connecting among city makers and thinkers in the Ruhr Region and exchanging ideas and plans for the deepening of this network, the purpose of the evening was also to share inspiration: We have been delighted about the opportunity to have a sneak preview of some videos walks from the CITYMAKERS-Virtual Walks’ project!

Key parts of the programme

CITYMAKERS Virtual Walks – Sneak Preview


  • Talk with Dr. Marcus Hernig , author of “Die Renaissance der Seidenstrasse” (2018) and “China’s Bauch (2015), et al.

CITYMAKERS-Ruhr recap and outlook

  • Recap of Citymakers Ruhr 2019 and Ruhr Reflections
  • Outlook to CITYMAKERS Ruhr 2020/2021

Hosting Team

  • Sebastian Schlecht & Katja Hellkötter – Moderation
  • Noemie König – Support
  • Qin Tang – Live Music

Hosting Partners

  • City of Duisburg
  • Konfuzius-Institut Metropole Ruhr e.V.

Participants from:

  • articipate! Berlin
  • Bildungsbrücke China Deutschland e.V.
  • Universität Duisburg Essen
  • Innovationstreiber Duisburg
  • Business Metropole Ruhr
  • GfW Duisburg
  • BBSR Bonn
  • Rhine Academic Forum e.V.