Congrats! CITYMAKERS-Virtual Walk Project Winners

Published September 2020

8 CITYMAKERS-Virtual Walks have won these amazing souvenirs!

We invite our award winners to enjoy this unique ‘opinion wear’ and share this message with us:

It matters! Keep walking to deepen understanding between China and Europe,  share alternatives for a better world and acting on them!

Congratulations to:

  • From Yangtze to the Spree by Tian Gao and Georgi De Santis (Wuhan, Berlin)
  • Rebirth of Indutrial Heritage by Jing Su (Shanghai, Berlin)
  • Here by Yue Hu (Hangzhou)
  • Learning Cities – What if you can’t walk? by Kika Yang and Randolfe Camarotto (Berlin)
  • A conscious walk during Pandemic in Amsterdam by Prisca Arosia and Bobby Born (Amsterdam)
  • Social Infrastructure by Anna W. I. Au (Berlin)
  • Sister Cities Wuhan and Duisburg by Sonja Broy and Silvan Hagenbrock (Duisburg)
  • Chinatown by Jöran Mandik and Lina Martin-Chan (Hamburg)

‘Keep Wuhan Walking’ started out as an initiative by CITYMAKERS in February 2020 to show solidarity with our peers in China. It includes a key message: Wuhan is more than COVID-19. The illustration on the T-Shirt is by award-winning Shanghai native/Berlin-based designer Yimeng Wu, founder of Studio Wu 無, specializing in intercultural design with a mission to foster cross-cultural understanding. Studio Wu also designed the maps for the online magazine that was published as part of the Keep Wuhan Walking initiative.

EUnify is a project by SOUVENIR OFFICIAL, founded by Berlin designers David Mallon and Karin Önder. The EUnify label’s most recognized collection was launched in 2017 in the face of Brexit, championing unity and inclusion at a time in which the world seemed to fall apart. SOUVENIR OFFICIAL’s aim is to create lasting memories and share alternatives for a better world. SOUVENIR OFFICIAL is also a partner of the ‘She For Social Impact Awards’.

Learn more about designer Yimeng Wu   Learn more about SOUVENIR OFFICIAL

From the Yangtze to the Spree

Rebirth of Industrial Heritage


Learning Cities – What if you can’t Walk

Social Infrastructure


Special thanks to SOUVENIR OFFICIAL for sponsoring the EUnify T-Shirt and supporting CITYMAKERS China-Europe!