CITYMAKERS Acellerator: Social Entrepreneurship Competence for City-Makers

Published September 2020

How to move from idea to reality? From project to sustainable scalable business models? How to create impact?

What we had witnessed: In our CITYMAKERS community and in other networks around us many great ideas and passionate projects for liveable cities are out there. However, the key challenge often is: How to move from concept to implementation or from running project status to longterm enterprise? How to develop a financially sustainable model and increase impact?

Our answer within the frame of this program: We offered a Social Entrepreneurship Competence Lab in 2019. It was designed as  2.5 days deep-dive training program into the world of Social Entrepreneurship, introducing a range of powerful tools and a guide through a process of co-learning that enables city makers to kick-start, move on or scale-up their urban impact project.

The weekend program which took place in the village of Drahnsdorf  was a great success. However:  Incubation of ideas needs iteration and time.  The 2020 CITYMAKERS-Accelerator idea was born: A 6-month learning journey designed for up to 5 high-potential impact projects aiming to co-create novel ways to liveable cities.

CITYMAKERS Project Cases


CITYMAKERS Project Case “Green Steps”

CITYMAKERS Project Case “Wohnbuddy”

CITYMAKERS DEEP DIVE LAB 2020 – Inviting more peers to co-create, advise, partner-up

In February 2020, 35 like-minded CITYMAKERS from China and Europe, from various fields: entrepreneurial, municipal, collective, government, university or private contexts co-created innovative and impact-driven ventures to boost liveable cities for tomorrow. We matched the five 2020 CITYMAKERS accelerator teams with experts from various fields and regions. Together we learned how to use new methods and tools to co-create more liveable cities for a better future. We discovered Berlins fascinating innovative ecosystem. And we empowered the five accelerator cases to scale their impact. They got ready for the upcoming next six months, to redefine their business models, design powerful crowdfunding campaigns and work on comprehensive and unique storytelling approaches.


The 2020 accelerator deep dive lab already took place during the COVID-19 peak in Wuhan in February 2020. Some of our teams followed the entrepreneurial claim “every breakdown is the opportunity for a breakthrough” and got the chance to pivot or at least to sharpen their business models. But on the other hand through zoom and innovative digital collaboration tools we connected the teams with four highly committed experts as coaches, supporting them in various ways. In 5 short video messages all our accelerator teams are reflecting how Covid 19 is and was affecting the progress of their social enterprises. And finally, the 2020 CITYMAKERS accelerator teams presented their ideas and progress to the public during the 5 years HARVEST weekend.

The five high impact ventures are constantly iterate their approcheas to scale their impact. Curious about their next steps? Interesting in collaboration? In impact investing opportunities? Follow us and contact us!