CITYMAKERS Global Village Map – A Transcultural Space

Author Katja Hellkötter
Published March 2022

The synthesis of 5 Years CITYMAKERS China – Europe – A global village of  Sino-European city-makers

Be it in China or Europe, the ability to create communities (both spatial and social) is the ‘currency’ that lies at the heart of livable cities. Five years after the development of the CITYMAKERS China-Europe program, an ecosystem of places and spaces for the exchange and testing of new models of livable cities has emerged across cultural, disciplinary and national boundaries. In these transformation hubs peers of the CITYMAKERS network act as catalysts for change, sharing solidarity, ideas and friendship.

CITYMAKERS Global Village – People / Places / Projects

The Global Village Map shows a snapshot of projects, places and spaces as of Sept 2020: these are places where most activities happened in the CITYMAKERS program during 2015 and 2020. The map is not comprehensive thought, the eco system is continuously evolving in line with new relationships being built…

BERLIN – CITYMAKERS Virtual Walks // Beijing- Berlin Learning Cities Map  // STADTMACHER Lokal – Weißensee // Urban Farming Incubator  // Future of Living Incubator

DRAHNSDORF – Projektraum Drahnsdorf // Social Entrepreneurship Lab 

RUHRGEBIET – Local Governments for Sustainability // CITYMAKERS Ruhr // lala Ruhr // ICLEI

WIEN – Wohnbuddy // Raumstation

SHANGHAI – Schrebergärten 2.0 // SHANGHAI FLANEUR // Green Steps ARK 

WUHAN – China Endangered Culture Protectors // Keep Wuhan Walking 

CHENGDU – Traceys Cafe,  Roof Top Farming //Sichuan University// PRESPACE // Chengdu Stays Playful

XIAN – Traces of the city // Local Bendi

BEIJING – Beijing- Berlin Learning Cities Map  // CROSSBOUNDARIES // Goethe Institut Peking 


How do 5 Years of CITYMAKERS look like? A compilation of visual memories

After going through our photo archive CITYMAKERS project partner Kika Yang, architect, editor and lecturer, and her student, Estefania Cadena, she curated this beautiful collection of memories from all the various CITYMAKERS events and activities. The Global Village Map served as a supporting framework. Watch the video and zoom into the Global Map’s spaces and places!