Learning Cities – What if you can’t Walk

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Walking after Lockdown Paris – Orleans 1h30

CITYMAKERS 5th Anniversary Celebration

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CITYMAKERS Acellerator: Social Entrepreneurship Competence for City-Makers

Profile: Yimeng Wu 吳禕萌 | Communication Designer, Illustrator & Book Artist

Im Austausch mit Shi Ming

Reflecting the bigger picture with Knut Wimberger

40 Years China Experience- Questions to Dr. Eva Sternfeld

Interview with Eve Nagel


Spaziergang mit Dr. Eduard Kögel 2014

Memory of the City – Catching-up with Song Qun, architect and artist from Xian

Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena)

Profile: Dr. Eva Sternfeld | Geographer & Sinologist

Spazieren, miteinander Reden, Erinnern